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Tabletop PPE Vending Machine

Size: 540*300*620mm.

Shelf Size:  380mm*265mm, 6 shelves.


  1. Mini Size & Big Capacity;
  2. Installation-free tabletop placement design;
  3. Reyeah E-vend Cloud Management Sysment;
  4. Cardless Payment – NFC, Credit Card, QR Code, etc;
  5. Instant Telemetry;
  6. Coupon Setting(Set to 0 that free).
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Dimensions(H x L x W mm): 540*300*620mm.
Weight: 120kg.
  1. Shelf size(H x L x W mm): 380*265*420mm.
  2. No.of shelves: 6 shelves.
Max capacity: 80-100 items(product size dictates capacity).
Power supply: 150W 220V,50/60HZ.
Delivery method: Spring is rotated and dropped and pick-up delivery.

Customizable List:

Multiple payment systems: Banknote, coin, NFC payment(Like Apple pay, Google pay, etc), card reader(Nayax), QR code, etc.
Network: Sim(4G), WIFI, network cable.
Cloud management system: Reyeah E-vend, customized.
Delivery conveyor belts: length Coils, hanger lines, length Hangers.
Language: All language.
Appearance: Acrylic exterior, metallic spray paint, stickers.

More Features:

  1. Installation-free tabletop placement design;
  2. Multiple payment devices available;
  3. Reyeah E-vend cloud management system:
    1. Coupon setting(set to 0 that free);
    2. Location;
    3. Order data analyst;
    4. Remotely update the swipe;
    5. Low inventory alert(SMS).
    6. More about Reyeah E-vend.
  4. 18.5” touch screen human-computer interaction to sell multi goods.
  5. Adaptable storage space: you can sell some cosmetics, adult supplies, and vape as soon.

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