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What is the age verification vending machine?

An age verification vending machine is a specialized type of vending machine that is designed to restrict the sale of certain products, such as vape or CBD, to individuals who are of legal age. These machines typically use age verification technologies such as ID scanners or biometric sensors to verify the age of the customer before dispensing the product.
For age-limited commodities, age-verification vending machines are particularly helpful. Since items are considered age-restricted products, businesses must ensure that the buyers are of legal age. Age verification vending machines can quickly and accurately confirm the age of the purchaser and refuse to sell if necessary. This helps to protect minors from the influence of vaping while helping e- manufacturers and retailers comply with relevant laws and regulations.
If you are looking to reasonably circumvent a limited policy on selling your commodity, an age verification vending machine is a wonderful solution.

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Age Verification Technology

Age verification vending machines use age verification technology to confirm the age of the purchaser. This technology can be implemented through facial recognition, ID scanning, or other forms of identity verification. This technology can effectively limit the purchase of vape by minors, thus protecting the health of young people.

Real-name authentication

Age verification vending machines can require purchasers to undergo real-name authentication, verifying the purchaser’s real identity and increasing the barrier to purchasing CBD, thereby effectively reducing the purchase of CBD by minors.

Intelligent facial recognition

Age Verification vending machines can use intelligent facial recognition technology to achieve fast and accurate age verification, preventing minors from purchasing vapes.

Real-time update

Age verification vending machines can remotely update vending machine information in real-time through the Reyeah E-vend cloud management system, such as changing the age limit and updating the age database to ensure timeliness and accuracy.


Age Verification & Vending Machine

Age verification vending machines are very suitable for placement in places where age restrictions are needed, such as bars, nightclubs, tobacco shops, CBD stores, and so on. In these places, age verification vending machines can avoid the problem of minors purchasing harmful items such as CBD and THS, effectively protecting the physical and mental health of minors. In addition, age-verification vending machines can also be used to sell other restricted products, such as adult products, games, movies, and so on.

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Why choose Reyeah vending machine?

Our company has permanently attached great importance to research and development, with an experienced and technically strong R&D team. We constantly introduce advanced technologies and launch high-quality, high-performance products. Our R&D team has a complete research and development process, covering all aspects from requirement investigation, product design, hardware development, and software programming, to testing and verification. Throughout the R&D process, we emphasize in-depth collaboration and communication with domestic and foreign technical experts and industry leaders, gathering wisdom and resources from all parties, to provide solid technical support and assurance for our products.
Our age verification vending machine uses the latest technology to support two verification methods: scan code verification and external device verification. Our R&D team is experienced and possesses technical solid capabilities, continuously innovating and developing more efficient, secure, and intelligent age verification vending machines. In the vending machine industry, our company’s R&D capabilities have always been at the forefront. Our age verification vending machine employs advanced artificial intelligence technology, accurately verifying the user’s age while protecting their privacy from intrusion. Additionally, our vending machine equipment with Reyeah E-vend management system assists customers in efficiently managing their vending machines.

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