Age Verification Vending Machines

Age Verification Part

Reyeah ID Checks Part

Over 18 years old

Over 18 years

  • The superior identity verification device

  • Fast recognition speed with high acceptance rate

  • Built-in IrDA function for software upgrade

  • Advaced water-resistant structure design

  • Support sleep mode for power saving

  • Fast and easy installation

Shipping Process

Age Verification Process in the EU

Age Verification Process - EU

Age Verification Process in the US

Age Verification Process - US

Ready Start Your Age Verification Vending Machines Business?

Reyeah L02 - Countertop Age Verification Vending Machines
Reyeah D11 - Age Cerification
Reyeah G02 - Mini Age Verification Vending Machines

One-stop Service

customization service: MOQ=1

We provide custom service, even if you only need 1 vending machine. You can customize the appearance, function, payment method, and even the integrated circuit of the vending machine according to your needs.

Reyeah Age Verification Vending Machines

Rich Application Place

Rich Application Place

Countertop, Wall Mounted & Stand

The shape of our modern after-sales machines is changeable. According to the different needs of customers, we will recommend different installation methods for you.
Bars, airports, gyms, hospitals, and even schools, you can choose the right body type to start your retail business.

Low Maintainance & Fast Return of Investment

15-25 days to recover the hardware cost

Sell 5 e-cigarettes per day, the unit price  is the US $12.90

Daily turnover: the US $64.50

E-cigarette cost: the US $4.00/piece,  Profit: the US $8.90/piece

Daily profit: US $44.50.

Hardware costs can be recovered within  15-25 days!

Fast Return of Investment
Unit Price US$12.90
Daily Turn Over US$64.50
E-Cigarette Cost US$4.00
Profit US$8.90/Piece
Daily Profit US$44.50
RIO 15-25 Days

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