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Custom Vending Machine

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The Hardware

Appearance Design

We know that different fields must match vending machines of different sizes and appearances.
Reyeah’s professional hardware design team can design the size, appearance, and material of the corresponding vending machine for you according to your different needs, etc.

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Functions Design

Different goods require different cargo lanes, operating modes, and environments. We build heated pizza machines for pizza shops, refrigerated vending machines for vegetable sales, safe lift vending machines for essential oil sales, produce recycled vending machines for those who need them, and more.
In short, the functionality of our vending machines will vary depending on what you sell.

In addition, we also contribute our own strength to environmental protection. On the basis of no electricity, Reyeah’s R&D team has developed a battery-powered vending machine. If you need it, we can also build a non-power vending machine for you.

The Software

Reyeah E-Vend On PC

Payment Methods Design

Every country has a local payment system and Reyeah’s software team respects and understands each client’s needs.
Our vending machine payment system supports more than 200 payment systems, covering countries in all regions of the world, and supports 5 mainstream payment methods, coin payment, banknote payment, credit card payment, QR code payment and scan code payment.

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E-Vend Cloud Management System

Reyeah has a mature software R&D team who jointly developed the E-Vend cloud management system for Reyeah’s vending machines. The E-Vend cloud management system is compatible with mobile terminals, and the PC terminal can manage and control your vending machines synchronously in real-time.
Such an experienced R&D team allows us to provide you with software customization services. We know that our products cannot meet the needs of every company, so our R&D team is always ready to offer you and your company an exquisite gift.
In addition, if your team has the ability for independent research and development, we are willing to provide you with a free API interface to support your business.

Business Partner

Reyeah was established in 2011. During these 11 years, we have been looking for business partners. Whether it is already working in the field of vending machines or the first contact with vending machines, we are happy to provide you with ODM and OEM services, we will help you throughout the process The vending machine business provides professional advice.
In addition, Reyeah is also looking for distributors all over the world, we will provide you with more and better options for your vending machine business.

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