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Countertop PPE Vending Machine – Reyeah E02

The wall mounted Narcan vending machine is a modern and easy-to-operate vending machine. The 18” touch screen plays the uploaded video 24 hours a day, which makes publicity very simple. And use the touch screen to interact, which will give users a first-class experience.
If you set the price of an item to 0, this is without a doubt the best publicity machine for nonprofits.

Features & Opetions

  • Countertop design
  • Metal shell
  • 18.5-inch touch screen
  • Support cash devices and cashless devices
  • Reyeah E-vend cloud management system.

Hospital PPE Solution

Countertop PPE can provide hospitals with safer self-service vending services:

Improve personal protection ability: The disinfection time of the hospital is fixed. When an emergency patient comes for treatment, the protection ability of the accompanying staff is very important. Countertop PPE vending machine opportunities will complete their mission when the accompanying staff settles the treatment expenses.

Multi-payment methods: Vending machines should provide more payment methods, such as mobile payment and card payment, which can be used for cash payment at the same time.

Monitor vending machines: Installing a video monitoring system can monitor the use of vending machines and promptly discover and handle problems.

Appearance Customized & Design

Countertop PPE Vending Machien - BeforeCountertop PPE Vending Machien - After

Vending Machine Specifications

Specification Product Description
Screen 18.5 touch screen
Dimension H*550 x W*300 x H*620mm
Shelves Spring (swipe left or right)
Capacity Up to 100 items (product size dictates capacity)
Standard Features 220 VAC/50Hz
Data Communication DEX/UCS, EVA-DTS compatible, USB Download
Appearance Stiker / Acrylic / Customized
Net Weight 26kg
Material Metal sheet
Selection 9 SKU
Network WIFI / 4G Network / Ethernet
Operation System Android
Vending Software Reyeah E-vend

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