Countertop Vending Machines Solution

Countertop Vending Machines Solution

Countertop vending machines, with their diverse product selection, convenience and flexibility, technological innovation and automation, as well as data analysis and personalized marketing capabilities, serve as the perfect solution for modern marketing. They not only bring more sales opportunities and profits to businesses but also provide consumers with a convenient and diverse shopping experience. In the evolving business landscape, countertop vending machines are bound to play an increasingly important role in the field of marketing.

The Perfect Solution for Modern Marketing

Countertop Vending Machines Application Place

Diverse Machine Selection

Reyeah offers a wide range of countertop vending machine choices, catering to the diverse needs of businesses. This diversity will easier attract more consumers, increasing sales volume and profitability.

Features & Specifications Reyeah E02 Reyeah B02 Reyeah E02
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77″x29″x33″ 77″x46.5″x33″ 77″x29″x33″
Avg. Capacity 50 items 70 items 50 items
Custom Configuration Sticker, Payment, Appearance Sticker, Payment, Appearance, Age Verification Sticker, Payment, Appearance
Delivery Method Spiral dispense mechanism Spiral dispense mechanism Spiral dispense mechanism
Product Shelves 6 selections 6 selections 6 selections
Connection WIFI, 4G, Network Label WIFI, 4G, Network Label WIFI, 4G, Network Label
Management System Reyeah E-vend Reyeah E-vend Reyeah E-vend
Screen 18.5” Touch Screen 18.5” Touch Screen 18.5” Touch Screen
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Mini Countertop Cashless Vending Machine
Reyeah E02

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Countertop Age Verification Vending Machine
Reyeah B02


Countertop PPE Vending Machine
Reyeah E02

Age Verification Vending Machines Solution

The Age Verification Desktop Vending Machine is a cutting-edge vending solution that combines the convenience of a desktop-sized vending machine with advanced age verification technology. With this vending machine, customers can easily purchase age-restricted products such as vape, CBD, or cigarette products in a safe and secure manner.

Reyeah Age Verification Vending Machines Solution
Reyeah E-vend OS

Reyeah E-vend Cloud System

Our cloud-based management system provides a comprehensive solution to streamline vending operations for countertop vending machines. With real-time data monitoring and analysis, you can track inventory levels, manage sales, and make informed decisions to optimize their vending business. By utilizing our cloud-based management system, vending operators can increase efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver a better customer experience.

No Space & Cost Limits

Countertop vending machines provide an affordable and efficient way for businesses to provide their customers with vape or CBD while taking up less space and requiring less maintenance than traditional vending machines.

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